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photo of delta delta chapter members
Kappa Psi Delta Delta members, faculty advisor Louis Williams, and UHCOP alumni members of the Kappa Psi Houston Graduate Chapter display awards Delta Delta earned at the Southwest Province Fall Assembly.

Southwest Province Pros

UHCOP's Delta Delta Takes Consecutive 'One for All,' 'Man Mile' Awards at Fall Assembly Sept. 22-24in Corpus Christi

The Delta Delta Chapter of the Kappa Psi (KY) Pharmaceutical Fraternity brought home its second consecutive "One for All" and "Man Mile" awards from the KY Southwest Province Fall Assembly Sept. 22-24 in Corpus Christi, Texas.

The chapter's previous wins for the two awards occurred at the Southwest Province Spring Conclave in February.

The "One for All" Award was bestowed on Chapter "Brother" Sara Mirjamali as one "who exemplifies what it means to be a student leader, student pharmacist and a dedicated brother of Kappa Psi."

The "Man Mile" Award is given to the chapter with the most members who have traveled the longest distance for the meeting. A total of 26 Delta Delta members traveled the 200-plus miles from Houston to the meeting site in Corpus Christi.

The awards cap a strong run of recognition at the regional level for the chapter, which claimed the Province Chapter of the Year title at the spring meetings over the past two years and currently has two members – Rohan Dwivedi and Serenity Gracia – serving as province officers after election to their executive committee posts in the spring.