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Alumni, Faculty and Friends from Montana to Massachusetts Rally for UHCOP Flood Victims

Hurricane Harvey and the subsequent flooding took a devastating toll on the Greater Houston area and much of the Texas Gulf Coast, including dozens of UHCOP students, faculty and staff members — as well as an unknown number of alumni — who suffered varying degrees of loss and hardship.

Damages ranged from the loss of vehicles and personal property, such as laptops and clothes (including white coats), to the complete loss of homes and housing.

Yet, the floodwaters had not even started to drain before donations of gift cards, clothes, and other items begin to flow in from generous alumni members of the UHCOP family; students, faculty and staff from fellow colleges of pharmacy, and complete strangers. Many of the gifts included notes of support and encouragement, such as "Never give up, and reach your goals no matter the obstacles. Stay Strong!"

Among those who provided some form of assistance to impacted UHCOP family members were:

  • Michelle Chen
  • Janet Clark
  • Elizabeth Coyle
  • Doug Eikenburg
  • Tara Esse ('09)
  • Julianna Fernandez ('06)
  • Joseph L. Fink III
  • W. Benjamin Fry (’72)
  • Sylvia Garza
  • Jodie Gee ('09)
  • Sally Gulledge
  • Inez Jenkins
  • Robert Kuhn
  • Andrea Mora Luce ('07)
  • Molly Graham Minze ('05)
  • Suzy Moore
  • Mr. and Mrs. Larry Norwood
  • Danielle E. Parrish
  • Paige Pitman ('94)
  • Maureen Macalos Powers ('93)
  • Kathy Ryan
  • Lynn Simpson ('97)
  • Andrea Smesny ('98)
  • Amelia Sofjan
  • Katie Suda
  • Faculty, students and staff at The University of Texas at El Paso
  • Doug Thornton
  • Lesa Thornton ('11)
  • University of Illinois at Chicago College of Pharmacy faculty, students and staff
  • University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy faculty, students and staff
  • University of Rhode Island College of Pharmacy faculty, students and staff
  • Divya Varkey
  • W by Worth Corporation/Kristen Hoell
  • Western New England College of Pharmacy faculty, students and staff
  • Kathryn Wright
  • Robert & Susan Yokel

"We can't begin to thank all of those who took it up themselves to reach out to our UHCOP family members in their time of need," said UHCOP Dean F. Lamar Pritchard, Ph.D., R.Ph. "We are doing everything we can to help our family members recover from this terrible storm, and it's very humbling and uplifting to see such generosity and community spirit from across the country. On behalf of those impacted, your compassion will not be forgotten."