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White Coat Ceremony

College Welcomes 127 Students into Pharm.D. Class of 2019 During White Coat Ceremony 

UH College of Pharmacy welcomed 127 new students – the college's 68th entering class of students – into its Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) professional program during the Sept. 11 White Coat Ceremony.

During the ceremony, the students ascend the stage of Cullen Performance Hall as their name is announced and don their white coat to the cheers of family members, friends, classmates, and the faculty and staff of the college. The students then recite the Pledge of Professionalism as a declaration of their commitment to the pharmacy profession and its tradition of integrity, ethical behavior and honor.

"The white coat underscores the student's commitment to provide excellent pharmaceutical care and ensure the safe, effective use of medication for the benefit of their patients," UHCOP Dean F. Lamar Pritchard said. 

In addition to introductions by the college's faculty and staff, UHCOP alumna Amaris Fuentes, Pharm.D. ('11), BCPS, clinical pharmacy specialist at Houston Methodist Hospital, presented well-wishes on behalf of the college's alumni.  

UH College of Pharmacy introduced the White Coat Ceremony to the Pharm.D. program in 2001. The current coat worn by students is embroidered with the official UHCOP logo and the college's own artistic representation of the profession's traditional mortar-and-pestle symbol.