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Traffic alerts & lot closures

Parking and mobility on and/or near campus will be affected during the following times: 

Lane Closure at Cougar Place Dorms

Due to construction in the area, there will be a lane closure in front of Cougar Place dorms until June 21. 

Lane Closure at Spur 5 and Wheeler Avenue

The inside eastbound lane at the intersection of Wheeler Avenue and Spur 5/35 will be closed until July 30. 

Campus Lighting and Security Project (Zone E-Lot 9C)

Lot 9C (Zone E) will be closed to vehicles and pedestrians until further notice. Expect loud noises during pavement demolition and concrete saw cutting. All entrances to Lot 8A, 8B, 9B, 9C and 10A will remain open. 

What to Do When Text to Pay Service is Not Working

When parking in any of the orange text to pay/virtual meter visitor parking spaces on campus, if the service is not working, you should use the visitor parking sections of the parking garages instead. If your vehicle remains in the text to pay/virtual meter space and you do not pay because the service is out, then you are at risk of being issued a citation.


Updated Wednesday, May 22, 2024