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Business Office

The NSM Business Office located in room 209 of Science and Research 1 is comprised of two functional units:

For assistance at the college level, please refer to the NSM College Business Operations section. For assistance with the dean’s office operations, please refer to the NSM Dean’s Business Operations section.

NSM College Business Operations

What We Do

The College Business Operations are responsible for administrative oversight, leadership, support, and policy compliance for each of the six NSM departments, one center, and the dean’s operational unit.

NSM College Business Operations Contacts

Main Phone: 713–743-7586

Fred McGhee
Executive Director, Academic Affairs
209C Science & Research Building 1

Brianna Johnson
Program Director III
209B Science & Research Building 1

Rachell Marks
College Business Administrator
209D Science & Research Building 1

Jonathan Jordan
Program Director II
209 Science & Research Building 1

NSM Dean’s Business Operations

What We Do

The Dean’s Business Operations manages all of the financial, budget, payroll, and administrative functions of the NSM Dean’s office, NSM Academic Affairs, NSM Advising, NSM IT, NSM Research, NSM Development, NSM Facilities, and NSM Communications.

NSM Dean’s Business Operations Contacts

Ashley Berotte
Assistant Business Administrator
(HR, Payroll, Travel)
209 Science & Research Building 1

Ashley Hardy
Program Manager I
(Deposits, Purchasing, Contracts, Reimbursements)
209 Science & Research Building 1

Quentin Stewart
Business Services Assistant
(PCard Reconciliation, General Office Duties)
209 Science & Research Building 1