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B.S. in Computer Science

What can you do with a computer science degree? Most people would immediately think of software development, others might say gaming development. However, a degree in computer science could take you into many exciting places. You could work anywhere: Banking or oil industries, consulting firms and software companies are a few examples. Most industries need computer science graduates.

Degree Planning Resources

Student degree requirements vary depending on catalog year, requirement term and sometimes individual circumstances. Therefore, it is important that you consult with your academic advisor regarding your specific requirements.

NSM Capstone Requirement

All NSM majors are required to complete an NSM Capstone. The Capstone allow you to utilize knowledge you gain from major coursework in a larger perspective - to determine how that knowledge connects with other scientific disciplines and to discover new applications. The Capstone requires a minimum of six advanced semester hours, but can require up to 23 semester hours (varies by the option used to satisfy requirement).

The NSM Capstone may be satisfied by completing one of the following:

  1. COSC Data Science Senior Sequence
    1. COSC 3337* Data Science I (formerly 4335 Data Mining)
    2. COSC 4337* Data Science II
  2. COSC Interactive Game Development Senior Sequence
    1. COSC 4358* Introduction to Interactive Game Development
    2. COSC 4359* Intermediate Interactive Game Development
  3. COSC Software Senior Sequence
    1. COSC 4353* Software Design
    2. COSC 4354* Software Development Practices or COSC 4355* Ubiquitous Computing
  4. Approved minor
  5. Double major
  6. Double degree or previously earned bachelor's degree
  7. Senior research project
    1. COSC 3396*
    2. COSC 4396*
  8. Senior honors thesis
    1. COSC 3399*
    2. COSC 4399*
  9. teachHOUSTON program

*Senior sequence, senior research project, and senior honors thesis courses used to satisfy the NSM capstone requirement will not apply towards any other computer science requirement. For example, if you declare the data science senior sequence as your NSM capstone, COSC 3337 and COSC 4337 will not apply as COSC advanced electives.

Consult the NSM Capstone webpage and your academic advisor for details and clarification.