Technical Reports - 2011 - University of Houston
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Technical Reports - 2011


EcoMobile: Energy-aware Real-time Framework for Multicore Mobile Systems
B. Liu, Y. Wen, F. Liu, Y. Ahn and A. Cheng
October 23, 2011


Improving Energy Efficiency of GPU based General-Purpose Scientific Computing through Automated Selection of Near Optimal Configurations
Xiaohan Ma, Marion Rincon, and Zhigang Deng
October 20, 2011


Indexed, Captioned, Searchable Videos: Assessment Report
Lecia Barker and Jaspal Subhlok
April 27, 2012


Uniqueness of Normal Forms and Modularity of Confluence for Term Rewriting Systems
Rakesh M. Verma
July 6, 2011


Does Unification Help in Normalization?
Rakesh M. Verma and Wei Guo
July 5, 2011


An Extensible Framework for Real-time Task Generation and Simulation using Object and Reflection Oriented Programming
Chaitanya Belwal, Albert M.K. Cheng
June 8, 2011


Optimal Priority Assignments in P-FRP
Chaitanya Belwal, Albert M.K. Cheng
April 27, 2011


Robust Segmentation of the Luminal Border in Intravascular Ultrasound Using a Probabilistic Approach
E.G. Mendizabal-Ruiz, M. Rivera, and I.A. Kakadiaris
April 13, 2011


Partitioned Scheduling of P-FRP in Symmetric Homogenous Multiprocessors
Chaitanya Belwal, Albert M.K. Cheng
February 1, 2011


Analysis of Human Summaries for Automatic Summarization
Araly Barrera and Rakesh Verma
January 17, 2011