Yan, Shi and Shah Receive Three-Year NSF Grant

Yan, Shi and Shah Receive Three-Year NSF Grant

Yonghong Yan, Weidong Shi and Shishir Shah won a 3-year National Science Foundation award to develop an image processing cloud-computing infrastructure for research and education.

In this collaborative project, titled “Image Processing Cloud: A Domain-Specific Cloud Computing Infrastructure for Research and Education,” a team from University of Houston, Prairie View A&M University and University of Delaware will develop a high-performance and high-productivity image processing research environment integrated within a cloud computing infrastructure.

The environment will include:

  • a shared, open image processing cloud computing infrastructure to support researchers and students conducting image processing research and sharing knowledge, research results, and educational material among the participating institutions;
  • a high-level domain specific language designed to provide an abstract and productive programming model for image processing application researchers;
  • a general compiler optimization framework with the capability to tune an image processing application at various levels starting from high-level representation to low-level transformation on the cloud environment.

The UH team will create a domain specific programming language and compiler for image processing application on the cloud, provide elastic cloud service solutions to ensure the scalability and performance of the final infrastructure, and guide the overall project goals to deliver end-user quality-of-service for image processing researchers.

For more information, please contact:
Dr. Yonghong Yan: http://www.cs.uh.edu/%7eyanyh
Dr. Weidong Shi: http://i2c.cs.uh.edu/tiki-index.php
Dr. Shishir Shah: http://qil.uh.edu/qil/
NSF award link: http://www.nsf.gov/awardsearch/showAward.do?AwardNumber=1205708