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Faculty Mini-Talks

Join our us for Computer Science Faculty Mini-Talks to learn about the many on-going research projects conducted by our faculty and their research groups. You have the opportunity to hear from individual faculty through pre-recorded "mini talks" (to be watched beforehand), followed by a Q&A panel and discussion on Friday, October 16, 2020 via MS Teams.


All computer science students are invited to learn about the latest research developments, but especially:

  • New PhD students are expected to attend
  • PhD students without a research advisor
  • MS students deciding between MS thesis and MS non-thesis
  • New MS students who have not yet selected a MS advisor
  • Undergraduate students with an interest in (or want to learn more about) computer science research


Click the individual video links below or view the full playlist.

Faculty Mini Talk Video Q&A
Research Lab/Group Site
Albert Cheng Video 2 A 1PM Real-Time Systems
Edgar Gabriel Video 5 A 1PM
Parallel Software Technologies
Deniz Gurkan Video 6 B 2PM Networking
Stephen Huang Video 7 A 1PM Cybersecurity
Lennart Johnsson Video 8 A 1PM High Performance Computing
Ernst Leiss Video 9 A 1PM
Carlos Ordonez Video 10 A 1PM Data Science Systems
Panruo Wu Video 17 B 2PM Website
Han Zhu Video 18 Wireless Networking, Signal Processing, and Security

Theory & Applications

Click the individual video links below or view the full playlist.

Faculty Mini Talk Video Q&A
Research Lab/Group
Guoning Chen Video 1 A 1PM Data Visualization & Modeling
Zhigang Deng Video 3 B 2PM Computer Graphics & Interactive Media
Christoph Eick Video 4 B 2PM Data Analysis & Intelligent Systems
Gopal Pandurangan Video 11 B 2PM Algorithms & Distributed Computing
Ioannis Pavlidis Video 12 Computational Physiology
Shishir Shah Video 19 B 2PM Quantitative Imaging Lab
Thamar Solorio Video 13 B 2PM Research in Text Understanding and Analysis of Language
Jaspal Subhlok Video 14 A 1PM Educational Technologies
Nikolaos Tsekos Video 15 Medical Robotics
Rakesh Verma No Video B 2PM Reasoning and Data Analytics for Security
Ricardo Vilalta Video 16 Pattern Analysis

Q&A Session

Student have the opportunity to as faculty questions related about research, university, or life in general. There will be two sessions based on the two video groups above. 

Students should watch the videos beforehand in preparation for the Q&A session.

Friday, October 16, 2020
Session A: 1PM-1:30PM CDT
Session B: 2PM-2:30PM CDT

Join via MS Teams


Dr. Edgar Gabriel at egabriel@central.uh.edu