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Exposing Office Distractions and Effects on Worker Productivity
Dataset links stress, interruptions and performance.

Recent Ph.D. Graduate and Advisor Receive Honorable Mention at Conference
Recognition at top conference in data visualization field.

Blockchain Offers Promise for Securing Global Supply Chain
The technology could improve speed, security at international borders.

Two-Time Twitter Intern, Cash DeLeon
Twitter Academy offers internships for second-year students.

UH Among the Best in Key Areas of Computer Science
Making informed decisions about advanced degrees.

A Critical Toolkit for the 21st Century: UH Offers Data Science Minor
“If you know how to analyze the data, you can find the answers you need.”

Shishir Shah Begins Tenure as Chair of Computer Science
New leadership during time of explosive interest and tremendous growth.

NSM Professors Receive American Educational Research Association Award
Analysis of multiple studies provides insight into student success.

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