SDTConf: An Open Space Event Focused on Software Design and Testing

SDTConf: An Open Space Event Focused on Software Design and Testing

The 2012 SDTConf, an open space event focused on software design and testing, will be held at the University of Houston on April 27-29, 2012.

Design of software is one of the most complex human activities. Well-designed software is testable. On the other hand, poorly designed software is hard to test. So, good design is a collateral advantage of well-tested software. When we talk about testing, we're keen about automated testing and ways to specify the software requirements as executable documentations.

There are a number of conferences on software related topics. Unlike other instructor-led conferences, Software Design and Testing Conference is aimed at learning from practitioners and learning through face-to-face interaction and deep technical discussions.

This conference, which started in 2006, is unique in that there are no scheduled presentations. The topics revolve around what interests those in attendance. You get to lead topics, ask questions that matter the most to you, and participate to share your experiences, observation, and knowledge. It is said that knowledge is the only wealth that increases when you share. Come to this conference to share your wealth of knowledge and leave with a lot more than you came with.

The Department of Computer Science is a proud sponsor of the event. The organizing team includes Dr. Venkat Subramaniam, adjunct associate professor of computer science and Cougar CS.

Professionals, students, just about anyone interested in and involved in developing software are welcome to attend. For details, please visit