Seven Computer Science Faculty receive academic accomplishment awards

Drs. Zhigang Deng, Edgar Gabriel, Victoria Hilford, Carlos Ordonez, Shishir Shah, Nikos Tsekos, and Rong Zheng were recognized for their outstanding achievements in 2009 at the faculty holiday luncheon on December 9, 2009. The recipients were selected by the Computer Science Department Executive Committee chaired by Professor Ioannis Kakadiaris in consultation with the Department Chair, Professor Jaspal Subhlok. Announcing the awards, Dr. Subhlok said "Recent faculty research accomplishments have been truly exceptional. Assistant Professors Deng, Gabriel, Ordonez, Shah, Tsekos and Zheng have each established a strong funded research program in a short period of time, perhaps the toughest challenge in academia". He added "Instructional Assistant Professor Dr. Victoria Hilford, as the recruting director, helped achieve the remarkable feat of doubling of the undergraduate program in just 3 years! She has contributed to every aspect of undergraduate education including teaching and advising and a real impact has been seen in the quality of the undergraduate program."

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