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Graduate Student Forms

All forms should be completed and submitted to your Graduate Academic Advisor in PGH 501. They will assist you in obtaining the required signatures. It can take up to 10 to 15 business days to process forms through the department and College/NSM Dean's Office.

COSC Forms

  • Research Advisor Assignment
  • PhD Student Annual Review - Part 1 (self-evaluation)
  • PhD Student Annual Review - Part 2 (committee evaluation)
    Each student will be reviewed annually by the dissertation committee during a review meeting; the review is mandatory starting the 3rd year. It is encouraged, but not required, to have the external member of the committee attend the review meetings. The review meeting should be integrated to the proposal defense in the year in which the proposal defense takes place, and it is not necessary in the year of the dissertation defense.
  • COSC 6396 Internship Guidelines and Report - effective Fall 2018, COSC 6396 has been discontinued. The alternative is is a CO-OP zero-credit course through the UH Cooperative Education Program. This is mandatory for international students on CPT and optional for U.S./domestic students.

NSM Forms

  • Leave of Absence
    This document serves as a means of officially requesting a semester of leave of absence (LOA) from your graduate program. NSM requires all graduate students (Ph.D. and Master’s) who are not enrolled in a long semester (fall or spring) to have an approved LOA on file before the start of a term. This form must accompany a Graduate and Professional Student Petition for a request to be considered. For more information, please see the NSM Leave of Absence (LOA) Procedures.
  • Committee Composition
    Students who complete a dissertation or thesis as part of their degree requirements must specify a committee and have the names on file with the NSM Office of Academic Affairs at least one semester prior to their graduation. Specific details on how to compose your committee can be found in the NSM section of the UH Graduate Catalog.
  • Change in Committee Composition
    Students who already have an approved dissertation or thesis committee on file with the NSM Office of Academic Affairs will need to submit this form when there is a change in the committee membership or a member’s affiliation (department/institution/company). The new membership must still meet the NSM committee composition requirements once it is reformed.
  • Graduate Tuition Fellowship Extension Request
    Use this form to request a Graduate Tuition Fellowship (GTF) after your 10th long semester of GTF funding. Please visit NSM GTF for a list of the fellowship eligibility requirements and details. Students should attach this form and all other supporting documentation to a Graduate & Professional Student Petition.

Graduate School Forms

International Student and Scholar Services

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