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Social Media Profile Guidelines

Your social media profile is one of the first things people will see when searching for your college, department or group. All University social media profiles must comply with any approved applicable University branding standards.

Profile Pictures

The template below combines the Interlocking UH logo and a short line of text to create a profile picture that identifies your profile. Other symbols or marks that are associated with your college, program, department or business unit may also be used as a profile picture.

The vertical version of your department's wordmark logo is also permitted as a profile picture. Be mindful that the vertical logo's text may appear small when used as a profile picture. Any color combination that is defined as acceptable by the UH brand guide may be used. Only the monotone version of the Interlocking UH logo is currently used. Do not use former versions of the interlocking UH design, including those with beveling or other stylizations.

When by itself, the Interlocking UH logo represents the University of Houston in its entirety. Only the main University of Houston social media profiles are permitted to use it as a profile picture without additional text.

Contact UMC Social Media if you need assistance with creating your profile picture.

Download Template

Current UH interlocking logo on white background with a single word indicating a department below it
Current UH interlocking logo on red background with a single word indicating a department below it
Vertical University of Houston brand extension wordmark in vertical arrangement that is not preferred for social media profile pictures
Do not use
Do not use
Do not use

Profile Names and Handles

Profile names (sometimes referred to as display names) are a place to identify specific department and college names on social media profiles. These are separate from usernames (sometimes referred to as handles).

In the example below, University of Houston Department Name is the profile name, whereas @UHDepartmentName is the username. This example shows an X profile, but most social networks follow a similar format.

Screenshot of a Twitter profile that is formatted properly

Avoid using acronyms in display names unless the entire name does not fit within the character limit. If the full name of your college, department or group does not fit in the display name, include it in the profile’s bio so the profile can easily be searched for.

We encourage the use of "UH" or other university identifiers in usernames/handles so that accounts are easy to search for and find. Capitalizing the first letter of each word where possible is also recommended so it is more easily readable (example: @UHouston or @UHStudentCenter). Do not use "UofH" or "U of H".

Below are the current character limits for display names and usernames by platform:

Display Name Username
Facebook 50 50
X 50 15
Instagram 30 30
Threads Mirrors Instagram Mirrors Instagram
YouTube 60 30
Snapchat 50 30
LinkedIn 100 50
Pinterest 20 15
Tumblr 50 32

Cover Photos

Many social networks have the option of uploading a cover photo. A cover photo is a wide image of your choosing that sits at the top of your profile, near or partially behind your profile picture. A good cover photo is an image that is eye-catching and aids your profile picture in representing your profile.

It’s important to make sure that your cover photo is the correct size so that it appears high quality and no important information is cut off. Checking both mobile and desktop versions after being uploaded is recommended, as some social networks crop them differently depending on the type of device being used. Below are the currently recommended upload sizes for cover images for each platform.

Facebook 820x312 pixels (displays 640x360 on mobile devices)
X 1500x500 pixels
YouTube 2560x1440 pixels (safe area for mobile 1546x423 pixels)
LinkedIn 1128x191 pixels


Your profile's bio is a place to write a 1-2 sentence description of your profile. It should concisely summarize what group your account represents and can be used as a place to set the tone for your content. When relevant, a hashtag related to the profile can be placed at the end of your bio.

Learn more about hashtags at UH


Most social networks allow a link to be added to account profiles. We recommend linking to your college/department/organization's specific webpage on the UH website. Including a more general URL (such as is not as useful to your followers.

Birthdays Important

Many social networks have the option to include a birthday in the bio. This feature is designed for people, not brands. If a date younger than the age of someone who is allowed to have a profile on the social network is entered (often under 13 years old), your profile may be banned by the social network. For this reason, we do not recommend entering a birthday for your account's bio.