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Preferred/Chosen Name* Change in PeopleSoft

*A preferred or chosen name is any name an individual chooses to use other than their legal name.

Students have the ability to update their demographic information in PeopleSoft in regards to their preferred name, gender identity, and pronouns. The preferred name section is the default name on class rosters, grade rosters, student milestones, transcript notes, grade change requests, Microsoft Teams, and any printer friendly documents (self-service only). If there is not a preferred name listed, then the primary name is displayed.

If students experience any issues with their preferred name not showing properly, they should contact the LGBTQ Resource Center at

Steps to designate a preferred name:

  1. Log in to AccessUH
  2. Click the “myUH Self Service” icon
  3. Click the “Personal Information” tile
  4. On “Personal Details” page, click the plus sign to add a “Preferred Name” or click the arrow next to "Preferred" to edit
  5. Change and click save button

At this time, the student's “legal” gender is still what is listed on their school record, but under most circumstances, gender is not indicated on the screen of UH employees.

Cougar Card ID

The Cougar Card system now pulls your name from the preferred name section in the myUH System. As long as you have your preferred name entered into your myUH account (see steps above), it will appear on your Cougar Card ID.

Preferred/Chosen Name in Cougar Pathway

Cougar Pathway is the University Career Services hub for students to schedule career counseling appointments, upload resumes, apply for on and off-campus jobs, attend career development workshops and more!

  1. Log in to AccessUH
  2. Click "Cougar Pathway" icon
  3. In the left-hand menu, click “My Account” then “Personal”
  4. Add your preferred name in the “Full Name” and “First Name” sections

Get Involved

On the Get Involved pages, the legal name will still be visible to the individual/user; however, no one else will see the legal name. Others Get Involved users viewing your page will only be able to see your preferred name.