Discord Server for LGBTQ Resource Center - University of Houston
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Discord Server for LGBTQ Resource Center

What is Discord? It is an online communication tool that the resource center uses that allows for LGBTQ+ and Allies at UH to connect with one another. To increase safety, we ask students to register with us before we send out the link.

The platform was used for online events during the pandemic, but as we move to in person programs, the discord will still be there as a less formal way to connect. It will be used to share updates, and current events going on at the center!

Who is this space for? This space is centered around UH students with diverse sexual orientations and gender identities, though allies are welcome! This is a confidential space for everyone to use, regardless of out status.

Who is this space not intended for? Our server is not intended for education about or research into the community without express permission. Also, this is not a space to eavesdrop into the conversations of someone you know. Dedicated queer and trans-friendly spaces are few and far between, so please respect our community.

What to expect on Discord? There are various text channels that can be very active and a great place to connect with one another.


  • #The Lounge - A General chat, a place for everyone to talk about lighter topics
  • #Tougher Topics - A place for triggering topics, and deeper conversations to take place, that are judgment free
  • #Mentorship - A private channel only for mentors and mentees of the class of 2022, to discuss and chat among each other. Also a good place to share events going on at or around campus
  • We also have various channels based on identifies, such as Lesbian, Gay, LGBTQ+, LGBTQ POC, Trans/Non-binary, Bisexual/Pansexual, Asexual/Aromantic, and Polyamory

How can we maintain a respectful and safe server? We ask that students please maintain a respectful dialogue on these channels. Honor everyone’s pronouns. Challenge ideas not individuals. The Resource Center will take steps to make sure this space stays safe, including muting or kicking members if needed. Please be mindful that not everyone’s in-person environment is supportive, so they may only be comfortable or safe to join by text.

For more information or to create an account go to Discord for College.

Ready to join our Discord? Request access here.