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Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Education

The first-year curriculum provides students with a practical foundation in theatre with classes in theatre and design fundamentals, technical theatre, and performance. Students advance their theatre studies during the second year and gain a solid foundation in the liberal arts and sciences through introductory classes in voice and movement studies, production, costuming, drama, and core classes. In the third year, students are introduced to teaching, classroom management and theatre program management. Classes also focus on educational psychology, reading for content areas and information technology for adolescents. In the fourth year of the program, students gain in-depth knowledge of elementary education through specialized courses and hands-on experience. In their final semester, students are required to complete a student teaching internship to gain real-world experience working with students in a classroom setting. 

Our well-rounded Theatre Education degree plan trains students in all areas of theatre arts, while simultaneously providing hands-on teaching opportunities throughout their experience.  

Professional partnerships in Houston area school districts, and a commitment to an elevated level of practical experience, both on stage and in technical theatre, help our students to be incredibly well prepared to enter the profession as highly qualified theatre education professionals.  

Our program trains students in all aspects of theatre- performance, production, history, directing and teaching methodology. Our goal is to prepare future leaders who are theatre generalists, dedicated to inspiring their students. We give our students the tools to develop well-crafted teaching plans, manage theatre programs and direct quality productions.

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