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At the University of Houston, collaboration is the soul of the program. As a candidate for an MFA in Design, you might focus on one or more pathways, in Costume Design, Scenic Design, and/or Lighting Design. Our cohort, though, is different: here, you train not only in your focus area but scenographically, across all areas and truly collaboratively. 

At UH, you develop a solid working knowledge of the elements and principles of all disciplines, in a tightknit environment with your fellow designers and in shared classes each semester. Much of your design study is in tandem with your peers, and this close connection will push you to think dynamically across departments.

Students who focus in Lighting Design, though, can also expect rigorous training in the art and craft of lighting for the stage. Through your study, you will develop conceptual motivations to drive your analyses of text and environment, visualization techniques to communicate your ideas to your peers, and execution tools to craft your projects precisely as you imagine them.

Most importantly, though: at UH, you will design in each semester as part of our dynamic producing season. In total, MFA Lighting students can expect to create the lighting for six to eight shows in a variety of well stocked venues. Our facilities feature a Broadway-style proscenium stage, a three-quarter thrust black box, and an intimate studio – and you can expect opportunities in all spaces, supported by a professional staff and featuring industry-standard equipment.

Also, because our program features theatre and dance performances each semester, you can also expect to work in both forms interchangeably. If dance lighting is a passion or interest, UH can deliver.

Study at UH, though, is about more than course work, production opportunities, or facilities. As an MFA candidate here, you also have access to the city of Houston, one of the most diverse cities in the US and its second-fastest-growing metropolitan area. While you study at UH, you can reap the benefits of a city ranked in the top ten for food (4th), culture (7th,), and overall quality (9th). The city of Houston also housesthe nation’s fourth-largest museum district, a top-ten zoo, and almost 1500 acres of public green spaces, as well as numerous other cultural organizations, festivals, and music venues. Houston is the cultural heart of the state of Texas, and our students have a front-row seat.

Applications are open now to join us in Fall 2024; please review our requirements below and start planning your application today!


To start your application, email Matt Webb, Head of MFA Lighting, to introduce yourself and begin the process.
To receive full consideration, applications to the School of Theatre & Dance require:
  • A combined GPA of 3.0 or higher in all prior coursework.
  • A one-to-two page letter of introduction that describes your background, experience, and interests as you consider graduate study.
  • A resume or CV detailing your experience and education.
  • A digital portfolio of your design work, either through a website link or as a single PDF document.
  • The email addresses of three contacts that can provide personal or professional reference.


Click the “Apply Now” button below, or visit us on Acceptd at
On Accepted, under the “Start an Application” sidebar, select “Theatre” and “MFA Design & Technology” then click the “Apply to MFA Design & Technology” button that appears. 


Candidates will be required to apply both to the School of Theatre & Dance and the University of Houston (two separate application submissions.) 
Please review the Graduate Admissions requirements for the University of Houston at and confirm that you can supply each required document.
Once you have successfully applied to the School of Theatre & Dance, we will ask you to complete the second application.
If you have any questions about the application process, please email Matt Webb at


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