Cougar Move-in Guide


Cougar Move-in Fall 2023

Cougar Move-in will take place Aug. 17–19.  Students will be able to reserve their Cougar Move-in timeslot beginning July 17.

  • Cougar Movers are volunteers from the UH Community (individual students, student organizations, faculty, and staff) who will help you move your belongings from your vehicle to your room. These UH community member Will be available on a limited basis at each residence hall on regular Move-in days.

Bring Your Cougar Card

Your Cougar Card is the official access card for all students, allowing you to enter your on-campus housing location and use your ShastaBUCKS, meal plans, on-campus printing and it is required to gain entry to the M.D. Anderson Library.Your card also gives you entry to the Recreation Center and free entry into most UH games and events. You are encouraged to pick up your card from the Cougar Card before your assigned Move-in timeslot.

New Residential Students

There are just 3 easy steps to get your Cougar Card!

  1. Upload your photo in AccessUH (Cougar Card Connect icon).
  2. Receive photo approval.
  3. Schedule an appointment at to pick up your card from the Cougar Card Office or join our virtual line for same-day service by clicking the CougarQ icon in AccessUH. 

Returning Residential Students

Lost your Cougar Card and need a replacement? Schedule a time to visit the Cougar Card Office to pay the $20 replacement-fee and pick up your card. You can pay the fee in AccessUH (Cougar Card icon), and then schedule a time to pick up your card from the Cougar Card Office. We encourage you to pick up your card before your scheduled Move-in date, so there is no delay in your Check-in process.

Have questions? Contact the Cougar Card Office at 832.842.CARD (2273) or

Cougar Move-in will take place Aug. 17-19, 2023.
  1. Visit AccessUH and click on myHousing to:
    • Verify your room assignment.
    • Check your assigned move-in date and time.
    • View roommate information.
    • For more information, contact the Housing Office.
  2. Visit AccessUH and follow the steps below to select your meal plan. For a full meal plan, eligibility details click here.
    • Use your myUH ID and password to log in to AccessUH.
    • Select the "Cougar Card Connect" icon.
    • Click on "Manage Your Meal Plan Account."
    • Review the available plans and make a selection. 
  3. Attend Orientation - At Orientation, you will:
  4. Make a packing list - Review the suggested list of items to bring as well as prohibited items included in this guide. Be sure to talk with your roommate and/or suitemates to decide who is bringing shared items to avoid duplicates.
  • Moving supplies (Boxes, moving dolly, etc)
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Cougar Card - You will use it for check-in, dining and getting into your residence hall. Be sure to upload your photo here.
  • Linens pillow, blanket, quilt or comforter, pillow top or egg carton cushion, mattress pad, towels, washcloths, sheets (Beds in Cougar Village I & II and Moody Towers are extra long, twin size beds. Beds in Bayou Oaks, Cougar Place, The Quad, and University Lofts are full-size beds.)
  • Desk lamp/desk organizers
  • Closet organizers
  • Personal toiletries including toilet paper (Shower caddy and shower shoes for Moody Towers)
  • Personal decor items posters, photos, etc. (No nails, screws or staples), only use blue painters tape or 3M Command Strips
  • High-efficiency laundry detergent, clothes hamper, iron/ironing board, hangers
  • Housekeeping supplies – spray cleaner, trash liners, small vacuum, air freshener
  • Surge protector - Fire Marshal requires these to be UL approved
  • Bicycle lock (if you bring a bicycle to campus, UHPD recommends U-shaped bike locks)
  • Computer/laptop
  • Food/eating utensils
  • For Move-in day: bungee cords, plastic or tarp (in case of rain) 

- Make sure to pack all belongings in boxes or totes. Loose items can easily be lost or misplaced. All boxes and totes should be labeled with the student's name, residence hall, and room number so they can be clearly identified.

Students are strongly encouraged to insure their personal property and carry renters insurance, whether that be a special policy or as a part of the parents' or guardians' homeowners' policy. 

Emergency Preparedness Kit

In case of an unforeseen emergency, an emergency preparedness kit is recommended. Each kit should contain supplies for a 72-hour period. For a full list of recommended items, visit the Office of Emergency Management’s Emergency Preparedness website.

Do Not Bring
  • Pets – Other than fish in a maximum 10-gallon tank
  • Open coil heating or cooking devices (toaster ovens, hot plates, space heaters)
  • Candles or incense
  • Fireworks
  • Weapons or anything that can be construed as a weapon*
  • Drugs/paraphernalia
  • Large amounts of cash
  • Tobacco -  UH is a  tobacco-free campus, this includes the use of electronic cigarettes and vape pens
  • Extension cords – Fire Marshal prohibits the use of extension cords
  • Multi-plug adapters without UL approved surge protectors
  • String lights such as Christmas lights unless battery operated
  • Hoverboards
  • Microwaves -  While it is ok to bring a microwave if absolutely necessary, we encourage most students not to, due to the fact the most residence halls have them in individual rooms and community kitchens.

*Use or possession of any items used as weapons, including, but not limited to, handguns, firearms, ammunition, fireworks, pellet guns, paintball guns, BB guns, knives, tasers, or explosive or noxious materials on UH premises except in accordance with federal, state, local law, and/or UH policy. NOTE: See UH's policy regarding Campus Carry at

A note about refrigerators:

Several residence halls come equipped with refrigerating appliances.

  • Moody Towers - rooms come with a microwave-fridge
  • Cougar Village I and II - rooms come with a mini-fridge
  • Bayou Oaks - suites and townhouses come with a full-size fridge
  • Cougar Place - suites come with a full-size fridge
  • The Quad - suites, and townhouses come with a full-size fridge
  • University Lofts – suites/rooms come with a full-size fridge

Due to limited space, it is recommended that student not bring extra refrigerating appliances.  

Cougar Village I, Cougar Village II, Moody Towers, Cougar Place, and University Lofts report to Campus Recreation and Wellness Center. Bayou Oaks residents will report directly to Bayou Oaks, NOT Campus Recreation and Wellness Center.

There will be a lot of activity during Cougar Move-in. Here are a few things to remember:

  • Step One – Arrive at the University of Houston via Spur 5.
  • Step Two – Park in the Welcome Center Garage, across from the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center.
  • Step Three – Check-in at the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center.
  • Step Four – Return to your vehicle, and follow the signs to your residence hall.
  • Step Five – Unload your belongings.
  • Step Six – Park your vehicle.

If you notice damage or issues in your room after moving in, you must submit a FIX-IT request within 48 hours to address the issue. If you do not submit a FIX-IT request, you could potentially be charged for preexisting damages after checkout. To submit a FIX-IT request, you can: email, call 713-743-4948, send a text message to, or log in to AccessUH and find the FIX-IT icon.

If you run into any issues, please contact the front desk in your building:

  • Cougar Village I - 832.842.6020
  • Cougar Village II - 713.743.6432
  • Moody Towers North - 713.743.6057
  • Moody Towers South - 713.743.6056
  • The Quad - 713.743. 6044
  • Cougar Place - 713.743.6994
  • Bayou Oaks - 713.743.6594
  • University Lofts - 832.842.5638
Peer-to-Peer Music or Video Downloading

In accordance with state and federal regulations, the university does not support illegal peer-to-peer music and video downloading.

Wireless (Wi-Fi) Network Services 
Wi-Fi is available in all residence halls. If you are having difficulty connecting to the network in your room, please visit and submit a ticket.

  Get the Most out of Wi-Fi

  1. 802.11ac is available in most Student Housing buildings. Go to and check our videos to make sure you can use the best Wi-Fi infrastructure.
  2. Take the speed test. Visit . If your speeds are slower than 5 Mbps, check the following settings to ensure your built-in WiFi adapter is optimized:
  3. Disable Power Savings Mode. Some devices will slow or turn off WiFi to conserve battery power. Maximize WiFi performance by changing your power settings
  4. Switch Wi-Fi channel to 5GHz. 2.4GHz is a common frequency for electronic devices. To avoid wireless interference with these electronics, switch your device to 5GHz: Network Connections --> Adjust the Channel mode to prefer 5GHz
  5. A USB Wi-Fi adapter. This is an easy way to enhance your device to get the fastest speeds available. UIT recommends the NetGear A6210, which is available on campus at the CougarByte and online stores or electronics retailers near you.
  6. Test a USB adapter before you purchase! Visit the Tech Commons Support Center to try a Wi-Fi adapter and see how much of an improvement it is over your current W-iFi connection.

Information Technology Support
There are several ways to get help with your IT needs. The most frequently asked for services involve general account issues (Cougarnet, Blackboard, etc.), your computer, how to set up wireless, and where to get the software.  

IT Support Center staff will be onsite during Cougar Move-in to assist you. You can also reach IT staff at:

Live Chat:  - Monday through Friday, from 8 8 p.m. 


Phone: 713-743-1411

In-Person: Tech Commons, the basement of M.D. Anderson Library, every day from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

You can also text UIT at 713.743.1411. This option is available Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

UH ALERT is the official emergency notification system for the University of Houston. UH ALERT is used to provide prompt notification to students, faculty, and staff in the event that there is a condition that may threaten the health or safety of those on campus. To learn more and sign up, click

The University of Houston is vulnerable to impacts from tropical storms and hurricanes. This Hurricane Planning Guide provides guidelines and establishes protocols for an organized response to a hurricane. It addresses pre-storm preparation and post-storm recovery as well as management of the campus during a storm. Click on the following link to learn more information:

The University of Houston Police Department (UHPD) can be reached at 713-743-3333 or by dialing 911 from a campus phone. For resources and information, please visit