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Frequently Asked Questions about the M.Ed. in Higher Education

When is the application deadline?

  • Students are admitted into the program once a year in a cohort model. Please visit the Graduate Admission page to see the next application deadline for the M.Ed. in Higher Education program. The application deadline is typically in early spring.

What materials do I need to submit for admission consideration?

  • Please visit the Graduate Admission page to see a list of required materials to be considered for admission into the M.Ed. program.

Is there a minimum GRE score required?

  • Per UH Graduate School policy, a GRE score is required to be considered for admission into the M.Ed. in Higher Education program (there is an exception to this policy for applicants who already hold a terminal degree in their field; e.g., Ph.D., J.D., MFA).  There is no minimum GRE score required to be considered for program admission. The program faculty recommend that students thoroughly prepare for the exam and submit their best possible score.

My undergraduate degree is not in the field of education, can I still apply?

  • Our M.Ed. students hold bachelor’s degrees in a wide range of academic disciplines. An undergraduate degree in education is not required to be admitted into the program.

When do admitted students begin taking classes in the M.Ed. Program?

  • Students are admitted into the program once a year in a cohort model. Students are notified of their acceptance into the program typically within three-four weeks of the application deadline. A new cohort of face-to-face and online students begins taking classes each Fall semester.

What are the costs associated with pursuing my master’s degree?  

  • The Graduate Financial Information webpages contain detailed information about current graduate tuition and fees, as well as financial aid opportunities. Students are also encouraged to review the scholarships available through the College of Education.

For the face-to-face M.Ed. program, when are the courses offered?

  • Most typically, courses in the face-to-face program are held once a week in the evenings for three hours. We also have hybrid classes that meet one day every other week in the evening and asynchronously (through BlackBoard Learn) on alternate weeks. A few courses are offered in a Friday/Saturday format where six times during the semester students meet Friday evening for three hours and all day Saturday.

Can I switch back and forth between the face-to-face and online cohorts?

  • Students are matriculated into a specified program format and are expected to remain affiliated with that format through the duration of their studies. While there may be courses that provide opportunities for face-to-face and online students to interact, the two delivery formats are considered independent experiences. Students may not move in between the online and face-to-face program formats. In extraordinary circumstances, however, exceptions may be granted only with prior approval of the faculty.

Questions specific to the Online M.Ed. in Higher Education

Are online students required to ever physically visit the University of Houston campus?

  • The online M.Ed. in Higher Education program enrolls students from across the state of Texas and the nation. Students in the online program are never required to visit the UH campus, but are of course invited and welcome to visit campus any time.

How are the online courses delivered?

  • Our online curriculum is delivered through the Blackboard Learn classroom management system. All of the courses follow the same design structure and layout, making it simple for students to navigate the online classroom environment.

What technology is required to participate in the online program?

  • A reliable internet connection, a webcam, and headphones are the only technology resources needed to participate in the online M.Ed. program.

What resources are available to support Distance Education students?

  • In addition to the 24/7 Blackboard Helpline, our online students have ready access to technical support and resources from the college’s Center for Instructional Technology in Education (CITE) and UH’s Office of Distance Education.

If you have specific questions about the M.Ed. in Higher Education not answered here, please contact Tiffany J. Davis, Higher Education Program Director.