Nestor Salas - University of Houston
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Nestor Salas

Your anticipated graduation date
Spring 2024

Your major

Your current occupation
Full time student

Your Hometown
Houston, TX

Why did you choose the University of Houston?
I chose the University of Houston because it offered a great education without me having to go far from home. Especially knowing the reputation of our college of business, I knew that UH would be a good school with many opportunities — it's just a matter of taking advantage. Also, something else that attracted me was knowing the connections I could make through networking over my journey as a cougar

Please describe your experience as a UH Cougar.
My experience as a Cougar was great. I tried stepping into it with an open mind and just try to enjoy it as much as possible. Getting to UH and getting to see the diversity of mindsets was really great because it allowed me to interact with mindsets that I probably never would've otherwise. I'm excited to see what in-person classes will be like, with more people on campus and lots more opportunities for networking.

What are your goals post-graduation? How has your scholarship support helped you in this pursuit?
I want to become a financial advisor. I’m not sure whether I want to do it as a personal advisor or go towards the corporate side yet. The Diamond Family Scholars Program allows me the opportunity to not having to distract myself from school responsibilities to cover a financial expense I couldn't afford to cover at the moment. I'm grateful I am able to put my focus towards school thanks to the scholarship.

What message would you like to pass along to the UH community?
Never give up and work towards your goals every day — not just when you feel like it. There were a lot of times of uncertainty this first year, but I promised myself to give it my best and never give up. Have goals and keep them in mind at all times; don't let having fun distract you from your goals.