Jasmine Cantu - University of Houston
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Jasmine Cantu

Your anticipated graduation date
Spring 2022

Your major
Graphic Design

Your current occupation

Your Hometown

Why did you choose the University of Houston?
I chose the University of Houston because it was closer to home.

Please describe your experience as a UH Cougar.
My time at UH has been very memorable. The atmosphere on campus is fun and friendly, there is always something to do before or after class.

How has the Cougar Emergency Fund affected you?
Thanks to the Cougar Emergency Fund, I was able to pay my rent and the last bit of tuition that I owed. I had been laid off because of COVID and was without work for two months, and I was not approved for unemployment. This emergency fund truly helped me this semester.

What are your goals post graduation? How has the Cougar Emergency Fund helped you in this pursuit?
My goal after graduation is to pursue my career in graphic design in the nonprofit community. I want to also support small businesses and those who are working for themselves by being able to give them quality design to promote their business.

What message would you like to pass along to the UH community?
In this time of the pandemic, we may not be able to support our community personally, people are always reaching out to help you.