Akinola Akinlawon - University of Houston
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Akinola Akinlawon

Your anticipated graduation date
May 2021

Your major
Management Information Systems

Your current occupation

Your Hometown
Lagos, Nigeria

Why did you choose the University of Houston?
My first attraction to the University of Houston is about its huge ethnically diverse community. I love meeting new people and observing the delicate attention the university pays to its student life and activities is truly inspiring. Besides that, it is closer to family, and living in the energy capital of the world seemed to be a good idea with more opportunities available to me after graduation.

Please describe your experience as a UH Cougar.
Being a Cougar has been wonderful. There is always something going on — from games and recreation to art walks, panel talks, and events, it has been nothing but a treat to my learning experience.

What are your goals post-graduation? How has the Cougar Emergency Fund helped you in this pursuit?
I have always dreamed of contributing my part to the growth of the energy industry by being a business analyst. Issues stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic halted financial support from my sponsors abroad. It was really difficult to keep focused on my studies while being worried about paying rent, food, and tuition. I am truly grateful that The Cougar Emergency Fund helped me with taking care of these pressing financial needs in uncertain times.

What message would you like to pass along to the UH community?
I am grateful to everyone who contributed one way or the other to the realization of the Cougar Emergency Fund. It is relieving to know that there is a safety net provided by the school in sudden times such as this. I am a proud UH cougar knowing fully well that my school's got my back.