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Research & Grad School Preparation

Workshop on Applying to Graduate School in Political Science

This 1-day workshop is to help undergraduates in the greater Houston and Southeast Texas area who are considering applying to an MA or PhD program in Political Science, Public Policy or related fields. It will take place on Saturday, October 13 in the Student Center at the University of Houston.

Applying to Graduate School can be confusing. Which schools should I apply to? What writing sample should I use? What classes should I be taking now to prepare for grad school? How can I afford more schooling? What in the world is a Statement of Purpose? This Workshop will demystify the application process and help students choose the degrees and programs which match their long-term goals.

The Workshop will be run by Susan Scarrow and Jeffrey Church, professors of Political Science at the University of Houston. Participating students will have a chance to talk with current graduate students, and to meet faculty from multiple universities from Texas and beyond. This workshop is sponsored by grants from the American Political Science Association and the Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research.

To apply, please follow this link to fill out this online application, including the email address of a professor who has agreed to provide you a letter of recommendation for this workshop. The deadline for applying is October 1, but we will accept early applications on a rolling basis. Workshop Application

If you have difficulty with the application, simply record your answers in a word document and email the document to

Questions? Email

Opportunities for Research & Scholarships in Political Science, Law & International Affairs

How do you figure out what to do after UH?   And how do you find resources to support those next steps?  There are many small and large programs designed to help students find out about post-graduate studies, and to help them pay for it.  Selection criteria that may include some combination of academic excellence, personal background, and future plans. For instance, UH and many other universities and institutions offer paid summer research opportunities available to UH students who may be considering graduate studies.  Most of these programs are for students who apply no later than the fall or spring of their junior year.  

Below is a sample of programs; if you are interested, don’t stop with this list – explore the Web, and you are likely to find additional opportunities. And if you are considering applying, talk to one of your professors about this as soon as possible –the earlier you start working on an application, the stronger it will be. 

FREE! Summer Workshop in Applying to Graduate Schools

Purpose: Summer & fall program to help UH seniors who are applying for high-quality Master's and Doctoral programs in political science, public policy, international relations, and public administration. This FREE program for UH students increases students' likelihood of getting admitted to programs of their choice with good scholarships and teaches skills that will boost academic success in post-secondary studies.  Successful participants are also eligible to be considered for a scholarship to help with GRE costs.   For details, contact Professor Patrick Shea in the UH Political Science Department. If you are considering applying for grad school in fall 2019, please contact Professor Shea as early as possible so that he can keep you updated on application deadlines for this and for other related opportunities.

Opportunities for Students Considering Advanced Degrees

Summer Research Opportunities in Political Science

How to Write a Better Application

How to Apply for Anything!!

Choosing a degree that’s right for your goals

Choosing a degree