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The Political Science Department has awarded hundreds of Ph.Ds and M.A.degrees over the last twenty-five years. Graduates work in all phases of state and local government, for federal agencies, think tanks, and many colleges and universities. 


Marwa Shalaby (2019), Assistant Professor (tenure-track), University of Wisconsin, Madison

Laila Sorurbakhsh (2019), Assistant Professor (tenure-track) & Associate Director of Master of International Public Policy, Elliott School of International Affairs, George Washington University

Ching Hsing Wang (2019), Assistant Professor (tenure-track), National Cheng Kung University (Taiwai)

Scott Hofer (2019), Assistant Professor (tenure-track), St. Francis College

Matthew Ward (2019), Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Louisiana, Lafayette

Ndifreke Ette (2019), Visiting Assistant Professor, SUNY, Potsdam

Roger Abshire (2019), Visiting Assistant Professor, Sam Houston State University

Susan Achury (2019), Visiting Assistant Professor, Miami University (Ohio)

Haeyong Lim (2019), Postdoc Fellow, Arizona State University

Markie McBrayer (2018), Assistant Professor (tenure-track), Idaho University 

Jonathan Solis (2018), Research Analyst, AidData Research Lab, William&Mary

Savannah Sipole (2018), Postdoc Fellow, Hobby School of Public Affairs

Cong Huang (2018), Postdoc Fellow, Hobby School of Public Affairs

Daniella Mascarenhas (2018), Professorial Lecturer, Department of Justice, Law, and Criminology at American University

Sophyia Das (2018), Research Analyst, Baylor College of Medicine

Marcia Bumgardner (2018), Professor, San Jacinto College

Kenicia Wright (2017), Assistant Professor (tenure-track), University of Central Florida

Philip Waggoner (2017), Visiting Assistant Professor, William and Mary, (2019) Career- track Instructor, Computational Social Science (MACSS), University of Chicago.

Yeaji Kim (2017), Assistant Professor (tenure-track), California State University, Dominguez Hill

Andrea Eckelman (2016), Assistant Professor, University of Montevallo

Bruce Hunt (2016), Assistant Professor, Angelo State University

Halil Bilecen (2015), Assistant Professor, Harran University (Turkey)

Abdullah Aydogan (2015), Postdoctoral Fellow, Rice University. 

Alper Bulut (2014), Assistant Professor, Department of International Relations, Karadeniz Technical University (Turkey)

David Llanos (2014), Data Scientist at Gallup 

Matthew Lang (2014), Pre-Doctoral Fellowship with Strategic Data Project, Harvard University. 

Robert Ross (2014), Assistant Professor, Utah State University. 

Michelle Belco (2013), Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Houston Honors College.

Bianca Easterly (2013), Assistant Professor, Lamar University.

George Hawley (2012), Assistant Professor, University of Alabama (Birmingham).

Eva Coffey (2012), U.S. Department of State.

Marwa Shalaby (2012), Fellow for the Middle East and Director, Women and Human Rights in the Middle East, Baker Institute at Rice University.

Aldo Ponce (2012),  Assistant Professor, Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas (CIDE).

Heidi M. Lange (2012), Full Time Instructor, Department of Government at Houston Community College, Southwest Campus.

Nathan Hosey (2012), Assistant Professor, Mountain View College.

Alan Steinberg (2012), Associate Director, Center for Civic Leadership, Rice University.

Michael Scott Robinson (2011) Assistant Professor, Political Science, King University. 

Inaki Sagarzazu (2010), Assistant Professor, Texas Tech University.

Robert Yehl (2010), MPA / DPA Coordinator, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Valdosa State University.

April Crawford (2010), Research Associate, Children’s Learning Institute, Department of Pediatrics, University of Texas Medical School at Houston.

Anna Mikukska (2010), Non-Resident Scholar in Energy Studies, Baker Institute at Rice University

Nancy Liounis (2009), NASA Johnson Space Center Office of Procurement.

Lee W. Payne (2008), Associate Professor, Department of Government, Stephen F. Austin State University.

Cameron Matthews (2007), Assistant Professor, Education & Social Sciences Division, North Carolina Wesleyan College.

Joseph Howard (2006), Associate Professor, University of Central Arkansas.

Craig Goodman (2004), Associate Professor, University of Houston-Victoria (Initial placement at Texas Tech University).

Bruce Carroll (2003), Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice, Texas Christian University.

Gregg R. Murray (2003), Associate Professor, Texas Tech University.

Long Le (2002), Assistant Professor at California State University, Bakersfield.

Jordan Barkalow (2002), Assistant Professor at Bridgewater State College, Massachusetts.

Long Le (2002), Professor, California State University, Bakersfield.

Chris McKee (2001), Policy Analyst for UT Medical Center.

Laura Nielsen (2001), Policy Analyst at the US General Accounting Office.

Michael Bruter (2001), Associate Professor (Reader), London School of Economics.

 Chris Carman (2000), Head of School, University of Glasgow, School of Social and Political Sciences (Initial placement at University of Pittsburgh). 

Vanessa Baird (2000), Associate Professor, University of Colorado.

David C. Barker (1998), Director of Institute for Social Research and Professor of Political Science, Sacramento State University (Initial placement at University of Pittsburgh).

Kenneth L. Manning (1998), Professor of Political Science, University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth.

Christopher Hammons (1997), Dean and Professor of Government, Houston Baptist University.

Juan Carlos Huerta (1996), Professor, Texas A&M Corpus Christi.

Karen Baird (1995), Professor of Political Science at the State University of New York, Purchase.

Gregg Orvis (1988), Department of Political Science at the University of Alabama.

Marshall DeRosa (1987), Associate Professor of Political Science at LSU.

B. Dan Wood (1987), Professor and Cornerstone Fellow of Liberal Arts, Texas A&M University.

Joe Stewart (1977), Professor of Political Science at the University of New Mexico.

Arnold Vedlitz (1975), Professor of Political Science at Texas A&M University.

Bruce Carroll Assistant Professor of Political Science at Western Carolina University.

Pete Rowland Professor of Political Science at the University of Kansas.