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Conrad James

Conrad James
Visiting Associate Professor in World Cultures and Literatures

Office: Agnes Arnold Hall Room 639

Conrad James received his Ph.D. in Latin American literature from the University of Cambridge. He has taught at the University of Durham and the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom. He has also held visiting positions at the University of Maryland and the University of California, Santa Cruz. Dr James’s research focuses on Spanish Caribbean literature and visual culture and Afro-Hispanic cultural production. He is mainly interested in exploring what Caribbean and Afro-Hispanic sites of creativity reveal about race thinking, the politics of movement, diaspora transformations and the emergence of new world philosophies. He has published widely on Afro-Cuban writing of the late 20 th century and has also written on contemporary Dominican fiction. His current research includes a project on Cultural Transactions in Cuban Literature and Visual Culture and another on The Transnational Geographies of 21 st Century Caribbean Narratives .