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Dr. Tiwari

Why do I Teach Hindi?

Bhavya Tiwari

As comparative literature scholar, I care about literary and linguistic traditions in the local as well as the global frameworks. For me, the world cannot exist in just one language. Hindi is one of the many languages spoken in the Indian subcontinent and beyond. Like many South Asian languages Hindi has a rich literary and cultural past that could be traced back to the 12th century.

I teach Hindi at the University of Houston because I love reading literature in Hindi and Urdu. As a native of Lucknow, India, I also want my students to recognize the artificial divide between Hindi and Urdu. Since no language training is complete without cultural immersion, my students in Hindi classes learn a lot about the politics of language in India.

Below you will read why some of my students are learning Hindi.

Why I Study Hindi at UH?