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Chinese Studies

Welcome to the Chinese Studies Program! Chinese is one of the world’s most important languages: over one billion people, or fifteen percent of the world’s population, speak Chinese as a native language.

The Chinese studies program at the university of Houston offers a Major (Bachelor of Arts in Chinese studies) since 2007. It offers a Minor in Chinese Studies since 1998. In addition, the program provides a faculty-led Summer Study Abroad Program since 2002. In addition, a Graduate Certificate for Applied Linguistics in Teaching Chinese and a M.A. degree in World Cultures and Literatures with a Concentration in Chinese Studies are offered to post-baccalaureate and graduate students.

Thanks to our generous donors, Chinese Studies offers annual scholarships including the Shang-Zhih & Lucia Lee Wu 吴尚势李静安 Scholarship for Excellence in Chinese Studies, Chinese Study Abroad Scholarships, and the Scholarship for Excellence in Chinese Graduate Studies.

Study Abroad

Join us for a summer in China

Our 5 week program is open to everyone and gives you a life-changing opportunity to experience the rich heritage and culture of China. Scholarships are available.

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