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Dr. Jaesub Lee holds up his Cougar Paw

After years of service to the University of Houston, Dr. Jaesub Lee has been promoted to a full professor at the Valenti School of Communication. This pivotal academic honor signifies years of research, teaching, and service contributions.

Dr. Lee joined the faculty at the Valenti School of Communication in 1995 and received tenure in 2001. He says his favorite course to teach has been Communication Research Methods, where he receives “instant gratification” with student progress.

“Unlike earlier years, I now have 15 to 20 students in Communication Research Methods these days,” said Dr. Lee. “I have been working with students in the course very closely, and I draw a great deal of satisfaction from seeing my students doing great.”

Dr. Lee has directed over 40 graduate thesis projects during his career.

“I have worked with many thesis students intensely resulting in publications, some of which are highly cited in the field,” said Dr. Lee.

He points to one research article, Leader-Member Exchange and Organizational Communication Satisfaction in Multiple Contexts, as an example. It was produced by a former student and has been cited 335 times by other academic scholars.

As part of his dedication to student success, Dr. Lee will continue involving both undergraduate and graduate students in his projects. This commitment is also reflected in his passion for diversifying the school’s faculty and staff.

“I really care about the ethnic and racial diversity among the faculty ranks for the sake of our students in the school who are quite diverse ethnically and racially,” said Dr. Lee. “Aside from research projects, I do hope to work toward the faculty ethnic and racial diversity in the school.”