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Dr. Summer Harlow Headshot

January 26, 2017

Dr. Summer Harlow, assistant professor of journalism, has been named a recipient of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) 2018 Emerging Scholars grant. The AEJMC Emerging Scholars Program recognizes promising scholars by funding research or teaching projects.

Using this grant, Dr. Harlow will examine how Texas media covers social protests. She will work alongside Indiana University Bloomington assistant professor Dr. Danielle Kilgo. The project, entitled “Disrupting the Protest Paradigm: Toward a Model of the Sociological Effects, Routines and Norms Influencing Journalistic Coverage of U.S. Protests,” will study modern movements such as Black Lives Matter, immigration rights, Houston’s “bathroom bill” and modern women’s marches.

Fellow Valenti School of Communication association professor Dr. Lindita Camaj was honored with this grant in 2015 for her project “Media Use of Freedom of Information Law to Set the News Agenda in Bulgaria.”


Header photo credit:  unsplash-logo Andy Omvik