Discord Server for the Center for Diversity and Inclusion - University of Houston
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Discord Server for the Center for Diversity and Inclusion

What is Discord?

Discord is an online communication tool that the Center uses that allows students to connect with each other, with spaces specifically created for affinity spaces, RDPEs, AIMM scholars, and CDI updates. To increase safety, we ask students to register with us before we send out the link. If you seeking to have a group that currently does not exist on our platform, please reach out to Lupita Hernandez at lherna63@cougarnet.uh.edu.

Who is this space for?

This space is welcoming to UH students from all backgrounds and identities, however, we ask that you only opt-in to the affinity spaces in which you identify.

What to expect on Discord?

There are various text channels that can be very active and a great place to connect with one another.


Channels updated by the Center for Diversity and Inclusion:

  • #WelcomeToCDI:
    The landing page for the CDI server, this will help you understand a bit more about Discord and next steps!
  • #CommunityAgreements:
    Please review these agreements prior to joining your channel. All students in the CDI Discord server will be expected to adhere to the community agreements.
  • #CDIUpdates:
    Check out this channel frequently as CDI will post updates and upcoming events.
  • #AIMMMembers:
    For members of our Achievement Intiative for Marginalized Males.
  • #APIDAStudents:
    For all UH students who identify within the Asian, Pacific Islander, and/or Desi American communities.
  • #BlackStudents:
    For all UH students who identify as Black or African-American.
  • #LatineHispanicStudents:
    For all UH students who identify as Latine/x/a/o or Hispanic.
  • #RDPEs:
    Space for our REACH Diversity Peer Educators to convene virtually.
  • #DreamersAndAllies:
    For all UH students who identify as or want to support those impacted by DACA and the Dream Act.

How can we maintain a respectful and safe server?

  • We ask that students please maintain a respectful dialogue on these channels by honoring everyone’s identities, and challenging ideas, not individuals.
  • This is an open space to discuss whatever you choose, but please do not share any violent, graphic, or sensitive topics without a content warning. CDI staff will take steps to make sure that the space remains safe, including muting or removing members if needed.
  • CDI staff are mandated reporters to any information regarding sexual assault, sexual misconduct, any illegal activity, or student code violations. If needed, please reach out to CDI staff to be connected with resources and support.

For more information or to create an account go to Discord for College.

Ready to join our Discord? Request access by filling out our form.

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