Achievement Initiative for Minority Males - University of Houston
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Learning Outcomes

By actively participating in the AIMM Program, students will enhance their professional skills through public speaking, resume development, and personal branding.

As an AIMM participant, students will foster mentoring relationships with UH faculty and staff that contribute to their personal, academic, and professional development as student leaders.

The AIMM program identifies and utilizes academic related resources and tools in order to support its member’s academic performance in the classroom.

The AIMM program provides opportunities for participants to connect with campus resources, students, faculty, staff, administrators, and the Houston community by providing a holistic approach that cultivates a sense of belonging.

By participating in service-learning projects, AIMM members will recognize the importance of community service and civic responsibility through personal involvement and municipal engagement with UH and the greater Houston community.


To ensure that young men of color have increased persistence and feel comfortable on campus, they must feel as though faculty members and the campus community care about their success. Literature shows that a sense of belonging provides students an essential tool in their efforts to further their education by building strong student to faculty relationships and interacting with diverse groups on campus (Strayhorn, 2012).


  • Attend bi-weekly meetings & workshops
  • Utilize campus resources
  • Complete 30 hours of community service
  • Complete 2 hours of study hall weekly
  • Establish a meaningful relationship with the assigned mentor
  • Represent AIMM at campus and community events


  • Mentor-matching with university staff and faculty
  • Academic support via campus partners
  • Educational and social programming designed to enhance the student experience
  • Cultural excursions that expose males to diverse offerings in the local Houston-area
  • Community service and engagement opportunities to serve local organizations and nonprofits
  • Leadership development
  • Cohort-style peer relationships
Graduation Photo


  • GPA-2.75 
  • Must be an undergraduate student
  • 1 letter of recommendation
  • One-page summary of why you would like to be in the program


  • GPA-2.5  
  • Must be an undergraduate student​
  • 1-letter of recommendation
  • 1- letter of support stating how you would benefit from the program since you do not meet the GPA requirement
  • One-page summary of why you like to be in the program ​

Member Spotlight

Andres L. Stubbs

Major: Computer Science

Classification: Sophomore

Why did you get involved in AIMM?
“I joined AIMM to meet new people and to participate in various campus events that will help me to better learn about myself while also learning about others.”

How has the AIMM program helped you?
“Since joining AIMM I have been able to put more focus on my school work and connect with other individuals who are invested into their communities. I have also been provided with excellent advice about the factors young adolescents face within their college experience. AIMM so far has helped me realize that by working hard, being professional, and having a positive outlook on life, you too can succeed no matter the color of your skin.”

Frequently Asked Questions

AIMM recruitment takes place in the spring semester.
Online applications for the following cohort will be available in the link below. Applications must be completed by January 27, 2020. Interviews will be held on February 3, 2020.
Interested students can reach out to Jeremy Sanford as the point of contact. You can also stop by the Center (Student Center South, B12) for more information on the AIMM program.