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Dream Scholars

The University of Houston community is comprised of a diverse student population which includes undocumented students and “dream scholars.” Dream Scholars are students who qualify for Senate Bill 1528 legislation; the term “Dream Scholars” emphasizes the academic hopes and scholastic identity of these students on our campus. Many undocumented students and dream scholars experience unique strengths and challenges in the pursuit of a college education. There are several resources on the University of Houston campus that offer support to Dream Scholars and undocumented students.

To learn more about Dream Scholars attend our DREAMzone Ally Training or other diversity workshops.

DREAMzone Ally Training

Modeled after Arizona State University’s DREAMzone training, this workshop was created to educate the University of Houston community about the undocumented student experience, discuss the challenges that undocumented students and their families may face, and provide local and national resources that assist undocumented students through their collegiate journey. The goal of this training is to create a more inclusive campus environment for undocumented students who are often considered an invisible population.

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This workshop will provide participants with the relevant knowledge, skills, and resources that will help them to better support the needs of the UH undocumented student population.

What is An Ally?

A person of one social identity group who stands up in support of members of another group; typically member of dominant identity advocating and supporting a marginalized group.

What are the benefits of being an ally?

  • You gain a deeper understanding of the realities and experiences of Undocumented individuals
  • You will become more conscious of the language used to identify the Undocumented community, thus fostering inclusive spaces
  • You may increase your ability to have close and accepting relationships with Undocumented individuals