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Diversity Related Studies

  • African American Studies

    Minor - African American Studies is a distinct academic discipline that engages Africa-centered research and teaching through an interdisciplinary approach to scholarly inquiry. Catalog

  • American Sign Language and Interpreting

    Major - American Sign Language and Interpreting is designed to prepare students to effectively interpret between American Sign Language and English (spoken & written). Sign language interpreters work in a vast array of settings such as social service agencies, K-12 schools, colleges & universities, courtrooms, hospitals, community agencies, television programs, and video relay call centers.

  • Anthropology Studies

    Major - The Anthropology program is concerned with documenting and analyzing cultural diversity and social change, understanding variation in and across human populations and social formations, as well as interpreting the past through the archaeological investigation of material evidence, both prehistoric and modern.

    Minor - The Anthropology minor provides introductory-level coursework for students to gain knowledge on physical anthropology, cultural anthropology, archaeology, and language and culture.

  • Arab Studies

    Minor - Arab Studies is designed to help students develop functional abilities in the four language skills: listening; speaking; reading and writing; and providing the opportunity for an interdisciplinary study of the Arab world and greater Middle East, as well as Islamic civilization.

  • Asian American Studies

    Minor - Asian American Studies is an interdisciplinary minor which examines the diverse Asian American/Pacific Islander American experiences from historical, cultural, and political perspectives, including community development and contemporary issues.

  • Chinese Studies

    Major - The Chinese Studies program at the University of Houston offers a Major (Bachelor of Arts in Chinese studies) since 2007. In addition, the program provides a faculty-led Summer Study Abroad Program since 2002.

    Minor - Chinese is one of the world’s most important languages: over one billion people, or fifteen percent of the world’s population, speak Chinese as a native language. Catalog

  • Communication Sciences and Disorders

    Major and Minor - The undergraduate curriculum provides a pre-professional foundation for graduate study in Communication Sciences and Disorders and related fields. Courses are offered in typical and disordered speech, language and hearing across the lifespan. General Information

  • German Area Studies

    Minor - All coursework toward the minor in German is in the German language. For the interdisciplinary German Area Studies minor, students will complete a substantial part of their coursework in German (language, literature, culture) but will also take classes related to German history or culture in other disciplines. Catalog

  • GLBT Studies

    Minor - GLBT Studies will allow students to question and analyze the complex roles and implications of sexuality, gender, and sexual identity. In a world where GLBT people are more visible and prominent than ever before, having a strong background in GLBT history, literature, culture, and theory is an increasingly valuable part of any education.

  • Human Development and Family Studies

    Major - A Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Studies (HDFS) provides a broadly based study of the intellectual, emotional, social, and moral development of individuals and families.

    Minor - The Minor in Human Development and Family Studies (HDFS) provides a broadly based study of the intellectual, emotional, social, and moral development of individuals and families. The program focuses on Different periods of lifespan, Parent education, Delivery of human services, Early childhood education, Research concepts.

  • India Studies

    Minor - The India Studies minor promotes teaching and scholarship focused on the history, politics, economics, languages, religions, and cultures of India.

  • Italian Studies

    Major - The program leading to a Bachelor in Italian Studies at the University of Houston is designed to give undergraduate students a comprehensive and coherent vision of Italian civilization in its various aspects and manifestations.

  • Jewish Studies

    Minor - Jewish Studies Program promotes teaching and scholarship focused on history, culture, tradition, languages, and religion, keeping in perspective the global Jewish Diaspora and its intersections with a multitude of world cultures.

  • Latin American Studies

    Minor - Latin American Studies is designed to encourage study and teaching relating to this very important geographic and cultural area. The minor will be of particular interest to students in areas such as business, humanities, social sciences, hotel and restaurant management, or any other areas where detailed knowledge of Latin America, its countries, and/or regions is useful.

  • Mexican American Studies

    Minor - A minor in Mexican American Studies augments a student's major area of study and prepares them to better understand the history, culture, social relations, folklore, literature, politics, and numerous contributions this group has made to society in the United States.

  • Psychology

    Major and Minor - Psychology prepares you for a career in social services, in service-oriented industries, and for a variety of positions in the private and public sectors. As a major in this track, you will enjoy a rich and broad undergraduate education that will prepare you for informed involvement in the community.

  • Religious Studies

    Major and Minor - The Religious Studies Program offers courses that foster the understanding of world religions and their influence on human behavior and world affairs. Knowledge of the beliefs, practices, and history of world religions is essential to the education of thoughtful citizens in our global society.

  • Sociology

    Major and Minor - Sociology is the study of human life within group contexts, varying from small, intimate groups to large, complex organizations and societies. Courses in the Department of Sociology emphasize an understanding of a broad range of subjects: the family, gender roles, work and occupations, deviance, minority groups, population studies, and so forth.

  • World Cultures and Literature

    Major - World Cultures and Literatures is an interdisciplinary, comparative cultural studies oriented program housed in the Department of Modern and Classical Languages.

  • Women's, Gender and Sexual Studies

    Major - Women's, Gender and Sexual Studies is an academic program offering two minors and a major, draws upon the dynamic energy of the global city of Houston, to challenge students to understand how categories of gender, sexuality, race, class, dis/ability, and citizenship shape not only their own lives but also the lives of people in their communities and around the world.

  • Women's Studies

    Minor - The critical perspective of WGSS establishes gender as a fundamental category of social and cultural analysis, linking gender with class, race, ethnicity, and sexual identity to analyzing the diversity of women's experience.

  • World Cultures and Literature

    Minor - World Cultures and Literatures minor provides structured alternatives or coherent, rigorous, custom-tailored curriculum clusters drawn from an inventory of courses available in MCL and other campus units including disciplines such as philosophy, history, art history, and the social sciences as well as other relevant fields.