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Advocate for Students

Our staff is dedicated to serving the University of Houston student body with Tier One customer service. Through programs, services, and informal advising we advocate for and support the success of, ALL students.

Computer Lounge, Study and Meeting Space

Our Center, located in the University Center South B12, provides a safe and comfortable learning environment for students to study, engage in intercultural dialogue, and enhance their leadership abilities.

Diversity Education Workshops & Programs

The Center offers diversity-related training and seminars to help students become active citizens who are able to identify and work within the needs, strengths, and challenges of a diverse environment.

Lending Library

The Center for Diversity and Inclusion will provide a library of diversity-related resources (e.g. books, movies, articles, training materials) to help borrowers increase their understanding of important historical and currently relevant topics that relate to diversity, inclusion, and social justice.

Program Co-sponsorship

The Center for Diversity and Inclusion partners with other campus student organizations and departments to increase outreach and showcase various aspects of diversity.