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Introducing REACH Diversity Peer Educators

The Center for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) launched its new Initiative REACH at the beginning of the Fall semester. The REACH Initiative is CDI’s way to advance cultural awareness on campus through peer education. The Center kicked off this initiative with phase one, REACH Diversity Peer Educators.

Formerly known as CDI Ambassadors, the REACH Diversity Peer Educators (RDPE’s) are a group of 13 student leaders who will provide educational and cultural experiences aimed at strengthening the cultural awareness of other students. “The new direction of the program is exciting because it provides our Diversity Peer Educators with an opportunity to grow in their understanding of cultural awareness and Inclusion, as well as contribute to our campus’ commitment to a culture of inclusivity, compassion, and mutual respect”, stated Nyocia Edwards, CDI Diversity Education Coordinator who oversees the group.

RDPE's will lead cultural conversations - dialogues focused on current social and cultural topics, and they will facilitate diversity activities for their peers at the request of departments and student organizations. In addition, RDPE’s will plan and host cultural programs in partnership with registered student organizations during cultural month celebrations such as Hispanic Heritage Month, LGBTQ History Month, Black History Month, and Women’s History Month.

Newly appointed REACH Student Coordinator, and retuning CDI Ambassador, Katherine Lephuoc – who started as a CDI Ambassador in Spring 2015 shares her thoughts on the new direction of the program, "I am excited to engage with peers on topics that will bring awareness to different cultural identities. I am also looking forward to planning and hosting events that will help broaden the knowledge of myself-and others on multiculturalism and cultural competency."

The Center for Diversity and Inclusion welcomed the first cohort of REACH Diversity Peer Educators in August. The group is looking forward to empowering students to develop their sense of belonging.

REACH Diversity Peer Educators

Amahra Browne Senior
Judith Corral Senior
Natalia Johnson Senior
Katherine Lephuoc Senior
Luis Molina Senior
TaMia Myers Senior
Morgan Walls Senior
Sampada Chaudhari Junior
Ash Deepak Junior
Imani Moore Junior
Tia Davis Sophomore
Victor Garcia Sophomore
Taylor Nunley Sophomore