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Authored Books

Beidel BookD.C. Beidel & C.A. Alfano (2011), Childhood Anxiety Disorders: A Guide to Research and Treatment (2nd edition). Taylor & Francis/Routledge Mental Health; New York, NY.

Edited Books

Alfano Book

C.A. Alfano & D.C. Beidel (2011), Social Anxiety Disorder in Adolescents and Young Adults: Translating Developmental Science into Practice. American Psychological Association; Washington, D.C.

Alfano Book

C.A. Alfano & D.C. Beidel (2014), Comprehensive Evidence Based Interventions for Children and Adolescents. John Wiley & Sons; Hoboken, NJ

Recent Peer-Reviewed Publications

Palmer, C. & Alfano, C.A. (2017). Sleep Architecture Relates to Daytime Affect and Somatic Complaints in Clinically-Anxious but not Healthy Children. Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology. Online Ahead of Print

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Reynolds, K. & Alfano, C.A. (2016). Things that go bump in the night: frequency and predictors of nightmares in anxious and non-anxious children. Behavioral Sleep Medicine, 14, 442-56.

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