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General Writing Consultations

General Writing Consultations are 30-minute, individual, face-to-face appointments in which all UH students can receive support for your writing. These interactions are designed to help you create an achievable plan for improvement at any stage of your writing process.

During a General Writing Consultation, a writing consultant can help with any type of writing task - papers for class, resumes, scholarship essays, lab reports, and others - and will talk with you  about your writing concerns, suggest solutions to writing challenges, and help create a manageable plan to successfully complete assignments. You can visit whether you are just starting an assignment, are revising a finished rough draft, or are at any point in between. Consultants can help you with topics such as analyzing class assignment guidelines, creating an outline, finding and incorporating sources, organizing and connecting points within a paper, and revising your writing to make it more clear and understandable. 

Consultations are collaborative, which means that the student and consultant will interact throughout the entire appointment in an active dialogue about potential revisions to current and future drafts. Writing consultants provide feedback to grammar concerns as they inhibit clear communication, however consultants do not line edit papers. 

General Writing Consultations take place in room 234 of the Classroom and Business Building (CBB), and consultations can be made through our online scheduling system,  WCOnline, by selecting the “General Writing Consultation” schedule. Consultations should be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance, if possible, and can be scheduled up to 14 days beforehand. If students need to book same-day consultations or cannot find availability, they should call (713)743-3016 or email