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Writing Consultants

  • Alaina

    Alaina is a recent UH graduate with a master’s in Social Work and a bachelor’s in Psychology and Child Learning & Development. She is passionate about mental health and works as a therapist. In her free time, she enjoys reading, baking, and hanging out with friends.


  • Amna

    Amna is an English Literature major with an Honors minor in Politics and Ethics. After graduating, she plans to earn a PhD in English to teach and pursue literary research. Her research interests center around postcolonial literature and revolutionary history. In her free time, she currently volunteers as a prose editor for Glass Mountain, the undergraduate literary magazine.


  • Basil

    Basil is majoring in Liberal Studies with concentrations in History, Psychology, and Phronesis. They're also actively involved with political organizations on campus, especially regarding voting rights. In their free time, they enjoy writing fanfiction and playing board games.


  • Danni

    Danni is a Psychology major who doesn't know what the future holds just yet. Alongside minoring in Biology, she loves to create art and impress people with random animal facts at unexpected times. After graduating, she hopes to move out, live life, and make a name for herself among the greats. She would also like to be a voice and ambassador for her homeland, Palestine.


  • Humaira

    Humaira is a Biochemistry major with a minor in Medicine and Society. She is currently a peer mentor in the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, and is a volunteer in a research lab. After graduating, she hopes to travel and work for a year before attending graduate or medical school. In her free time, she enjoys reading fiction, practicing martial arts, and baking.


  • Jenny

    Jenny is an Honors student majoring in English. After graduating, she hopes to edit novels and attend graduate school to pursue her research interests. Here at UH, she edits articles for Coog Radio and works on research of her own for the FrameWorks program. She is a huge fan of the Harry Potter series.


  • Jessi



  • Joaquin

    Elizabeth is double majoring in English and Journalism and hopes to gain experience in providing helpful feedback to student writers. She plans to eventually become a novel editor.


  • juliane

    Juliane is a dual-degree student, majoring in Interpreting and Translation - ASL/English and Liberal Studies (minors in Psychology, Creative Writing, and Studio Art). After graduation, she plans to become a certified ASL interpreter, as well as a published novelist. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and writing, drawing and music, video games and television, and, of course, friendships and sushi.


  • Lesley

    Lesley is a senior in Industrial Engineering who plans to work in quality control after graduation. She is a passionate advocate for getting young women interested in STEM fields. She is currently a member of the IISE UH chapter. When she's not doing engineering stuff, you'll find Lesley dancing, drawing, or baking.


  • Noah

    Born and raised in Houston, Noah is an English major minoring in Asian American Studies. He enjoys watching movie in his free time.