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Faculty and Staff Support

The University of Houston Writing Center supports student writers through ongoing partnerships with faculty and staff across campus. The Writing Centers mission to support the teaching of writing at the University of Houston takes a variety of forms, including but not limited to direct instruction in academic courses, assistance with course design for Writing in the Disciplines classes, departmental assessments of student writing, and structured student support tailored to the expectations of an instructor.

If you are faculty and staff interested in exploring options to support students writing, you will find a number of possibilities. Writing Center staff regularly partner with instructors from diverse academic disciplines to design writing assignments, rubrics, and course materials that effectively engage students and allow for the assessment of both writing and course content. The Writing Center can also work with you to provide class presentations, workshops, and group or individual support for students.

Please explore the possibilities that the UH Writing Center can provide for your students, and contact us for more information.