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Partnership and Support Model

The University of Houston Writing Center’s most common interaction with students is through individual writing consultations, however we support the teaching of writing across campus in a variety of ways. Faculty and staff interested in partnering with the Writing Center may find a particular support model best fits your needs, and some projects will combine various types of interactions. 

Most of our support models focus on scaffolded peer interactions as key to student writers’ development. Our trained writing consultants provide students with a level of writing expertise, while also offering students an engaging partner in dialogue to support their understanding of an instructor’s requirements. When par tnering with faculty, the Writing Center trains consultants according to the specific type of writing that an instructor requires, aligning the instructor’s expectations more closely with those of a writing consultant. 

To establish a partnership, you will meet with Writing Center staff to discuss the specific guidelines and expectations for the writing your students are doing. The Writing Center staff will then ensure that writing consultants are familiar with these expectations and prepared to discuss specifics of the assignment with students. While this training does not replace the student’s responsibility to understand class guidelines and assignments, it can help consultants better meet the needs of each individual student if they are familiar with the instructor’s articulated expectations. These services are available to instructors teaching face-to-face, hybrid, and online courses and can be administered in a variety of formats to meet the needs and requirements of the course.  

In order to provide a better understanding of what we offer, we have included descriptions of the ways that we often interact with students. To best identify how our support might fit with a specific class, program, or department, we encourage interested faculty and staff to contact us  or to reach out directly to a staff member to set up a meeting to discuss your needs.

Please click the categories below to see a description of each model.