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Green Office Certification

We are not currently accepting applications for our Green Office certification.

Stay tuned for updated programs coming in 2023!


Certified Departments

Student Center - GOLD

Center for Fraternity & Sorority Life - SILVER

University Career Services - SILVER

Campus Recreation (multiple Offices) - BRONZE

Cullen Performance Hall - BRONZE

General Info for "Going Green"

If your office or department is not ready for a full audit for certification but want to take first steps towards sustainability, below are some helpful catagorized steps to start the process.

Paper & Office Supply Waste 

  • Set double-sided printing as a default on our office computers, and we placed a visual prompt on our copy machine to remind members of our office to double-side copy.
  • Use an electronic timesheet/scheduling system.
  • Have a designated area in our supply closet, or elsewhere in our office, for sharing office supplies that can be re-used (file folders, binders, pens, paper clips, etc).
  • Recycling bins should be placed next to waste bins where applicable and clearly labeled.


  • Review proper recycling practices at a staff meeting or through an office email to ensure that all members of office are aware of the procedures and have had their questions answered.
  • Eliminate desk-side trash containers and switch to desk-side recycling, with central trash locations.
  • Place trash and recycling bins (where appropriate) in meeting rooms, conference rooms and classrooms, and ensure these bins are clearly labeled with the correct signage.
  • Participate the annual UH E-waste Drive.

Purchasing - Paper and Electronics

  • Recommended minimum 30% post consumer OR preferred 100% post consumer waste content.
  • Chlorine free paper.
  • Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified.
  • Any new equipment purchased is ENERGY STAR rated silver or above, if applicable. If ENERGY STAR is not available, work with vendors to purchase the most efficient option.


  • Leave clear space around of vents for better circulation.
  • Enable sleep mode and auto-off settings on copiers and printers.
  • Enable the recommended power management settings on computers.
  • Shut off monitors and/or manually send computers into energy saving modes (standby or hibernate) when not in use.
  • Manually turn off lights when not in use


  • Students, faculty, and staff are encourage to bring reusable water bottles and take advantage of the many water bottle filling stations on campus.
  • Any person can report sink leaks (kitchen, bathroom or lab) to FIXIT and inform their Building Coordinator.

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