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After the Storm: Resources and Information

A hand gesture with the thumb touching the ring finger representing a 'cougar paw'

Hurricane Harvey stormed onto the Gulf Coast dumping more than 50 inches of rain and leaving behind a wake of devastation not seen before. As we begin the process of recovery and rebuilding, keep in mind these resources.

Shuttle Service: Increased traffic on Houston freeways and streets has impacted the schedule of the Shuttle Service between UH and UH Sugar Land. Students and faculty are urged to anticipate delays in shuttle pick-ups and drop-offs. As you consult the schedule for the free Shuttle Service between UH and UH Sugar Land, plan to take an earlier shuttle to avoid delays in reaching your campus.

Hurricane Resources and FAQs. Find information on student/faculty concerns, volunteer and donation opportunities.

UH Cougar Emergency Relief Fund.

Faculty Helping Faculty During Harvey. A Facebook group created by UH Faculty Senate and the Office of the Provost for those who need help or can provide help.

A compilation of resources from the Office of the Provost. Find information on news, charitable organizations, legislators and more.

And read the most recent Message from the Interim Associate Provost.