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Mural Artwork

The Diversity Over Division Mural is comprised of six pieces of art. Each 3'×3' piece was painted by a different international artist, under the direction of Houston artist Reginald Adams. The artists created their respective pieces to express their own interpretation of diversity based on their cultural and personal backgrounds. In addition to being featured on the mural, the paintings are displayed on the second floor of the Albert & Mamie George Building.


A painting of a colorful flower with each petal featuring a different pattern and color scheme.

Flower Essence

By Rhonda Radford Adams
Block print art of three women kneeling together on the ground.

There Comes a Time

By Ami Mehta
Colorful painting of three women stading together in the center surrounded by leaves on trees, cacti, bushes and monarch butterflies

Three Generations

By Laura Cano Lopez
Colorful portrait of an indigenous person with patches of floral patterns superimposed over them. The floral patterns match the backgrounds patches.


By Tony Parana
A black girl and a white girl hug while surrounded by colorful amorphous shapes.

My Best Friend

By Dandee Warhol
A new born child sits at the center surrounded by the faces of women of different races and ethnicities. Superimposed over their faces is a radial color pattern as well as a grid of various shapes and patterns.


By Samson Adenugba