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because I said I would.

because I said I would.

tuesday, february 2, 2020

Because I Said I Would. (BISIW) – What is it?
In today's day and age, we find ourselves being pulled in many different directions. This makes it easier for us to neglect the promises that we have made to ourselves and each other. BISIW is as an accountability program and social movement to encourage follow through with these promises or simply doing something because you said you would. Accountability is a key to finding success at any point in life, but especially while in college. BISIW wants to encourage and to help others to take on their challenges instead of ignoring or deferring them. An example of a pledge might be: "I will graduate in four years with my degree, because I said I would."

Because I Said I Would. – Who can participate?
Anyone in the UH Community can Participate, Get Involved and Make a Pledge. The success of any movement is commitment. BISIW wants UH students, faculty and staff all committed to being accountable to doing what they said they would do. The content will be provided by a Guest (Virtual) Speaker: Alex Sheen, Founder and Creator of Because I Said I Would. Those with a UH login can click the button below to access the event.

You can also watch some TedTalks on this topic.

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