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Temporary Study Room Policies (during the COVID-19 pandemic)

In an effort to provide study space options for students, the Student Centers has four (4) study rooms located on the second floor of the Student Center South building. All rooms are equipped with wireless connectivity, tables, chairs, electrical outlets, and dry-erase boards.

In order to provide all students with the ability to use the study rooms, the policies have been altered to allow for equitable use while attempting to reduce the likelihood of spreading COVID-19 (coronavirus) through our community.

We remain committed to providing services to the UH community while also adhering to safety guidelines and procedures.

Study Room 250

Study Room 250

Study Room 252

Study Room 252

Study Room 253

Study Room 253

Study Room 254

Study Room 254

Who can reserve a study room?   

Students currently enrolled at the University of Houston main campus.   

What is the current capacity of the study rooms?  

Due to the university’s mandate for physical distancing, the maximum capacity for the study rooms has been reduced from ten (10) individuals to three (3). The minimum number to check out a study room is now one (1) individual (instead of 3).   

What is required to check out/reserve a room?  

All students in a group must be present and leave a UH Cougar Card ID at the Student Centers Information Center to check out a key. For contact tracing as well as for any incident report concerns with non-compliance of policies.  

How long can I reserve/check out a room?   

As of September 2020, the rooms are first come first served. Rooms may be checked out for a two (2) hour time period with the opportunity to extend the time an additional one (1) hour. Reserve a room in advance.

Are face coverings/masks required in the study rooms?   

In accordance with UH policy, masks are required within the study rooms with the exception of the door being closed and the student is alone.  

What happens if the face covering and social distancing policies are violated?  

Students will be reported to the Dean of Students for non-compliance of policies. 

How are the study rooms being cleaned? 

After each usage, the study rooms are being cleaned and disinfected. For first-come, first-served study rooms, we require a fifteen (15) minute time frame to clean/disinfect.  

Study Room Usage Policies  

  • Study rooms exist to support academic study, research, and positive group collaborations. Inappropriate conduct such as excessive noise, sleeping, sexual acts, fighting, or writing objectionable, vulgar, or obscene language on tables, chairs or walls is not permitted. The Student Centers reserves the right to remove users from rooms based on inappropriate conduct, limit future study room use, and/or submit policy violations for review through applicable University channels and processes. 
  • Talking is permitted in study rooms, as they are intended for group collaboration, but please be respectful of users who are studying in adjacent rooms/lounge areas. 
  • Any damage should be reported immediately to the Student Centers Information Center. Unreported damage will be treated as an act of vandalism and reported to Student Centers’ Staff for appropriate follow-up. 
  • Room windows may not be covered or blocked at any time. Student Centers’ Staff require visible access to all spaces to help ensure the safety of all facility users. 
  • As a courtesy to other students, please do not remove furniture from the study rooms or move lounge furniture such as tables, chairs and couches into the study rooms. Food and beverages in closed containers only are allowed. Please clean up after yourself and report accidents to the Information Desk at 832-842-6256. 

Study Room Usage Policies were updated by the 2020 - 2021 Student Centers Policy Board.