Student Centers Staff - University of Houston
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Student Centers

Eve Esch Executive Director, Student Centers 713-743-3040
Bridget Portier Associate Director, Student Centers 713-743-5807
Richard Nelson Assistant Director, Facilities & Operations 713-743-8282
Erin Woods Assistant Director, Marketing & CreationStation 713-743-7870
Carlos Rodriguez Manager, Events & Sales 713-743-7121
Beverly Thom Manager, Facilities & Operations 832-842-6157
Luke Parnell Program Manager II, SC Event Services 832-842-6163
Jamail Mathews Program Manager II, Information & Operations 713-743-9617
Thomas Mohwinkel Program Manager II, Leisure Services 832-842-6201
Jodi Cortez Program Manager II, Shasta's Cones & More
Chris Ferkel Program Manager, Media Services
Rosalinda Thach Coordinator, Media Services 713-743-0713
Micah Obregon Reservationist, Conference and Reservation Services 713-743-6603
Larry McGowan II Reservationist, Conference and Reservation Services 832-842-6167
Sigmound Thomas Program Coordinator, Leisure Services 713-743-4106
Jeffrey Scott Analyst, Student Ctr Account 831-842-6202
Vacant Administrative Coordinator 713-743-2634
Michael Wroblewski Equipment Technician, Leisure Services 832-842-6165
Jeremy Burrell Event Services Supervisor
Gerald Ardoin Event Services Specialist 832-842-6168
Vacant Event Services Specialist 832 842 6168
Maria Lopez Event Services Supervisor 713-743-4265
Sandra Diaz Event Services Specialist 713-743-4265
Cornelius Evans Event Services Specialist 713-743-4265
Alfredo Mejia Manager, CreationStation 832-842-6166
Miguel Gutierrez Graphic Designer II, CreationStation