Mission, Vision, and Core Values - University of Houston
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Mission, Vision, and Core Values


In celebration of our diverse campus community, the Student Centers enrich the campus life experience by providing quality programs, services, and facilities focused on student involvement, student learning, and student success.


Be a leading student center embracing the needs of the future through innovation, inclusivity, and sustainability.

Core Values

In support of the academic mission of the University, we actively seek challenges that facilitate personal and professional development for students, staff, and volunteers in a supportive learning environment.

Building Community
We recognize that there is knowledge to be gained from the backgrounds, lifestyles, experiences, differences, and cultural heritages represented throughout our community and we support a safe environment where all people are valued, respected, and treated with dignity.

Customer Service
We provide the highest quality of customer/student interactions while remaining flexible, responsive, and open-minded in developing and delivering programs, services, and facilities and seeking technology that supports efficient and modern practices.

We value our personal commitment to honesty and truth that is reflected in each person's words and deeds while holding ourselves accountable for our personal and professional responsibilities.

We practice an honest and open exchange of ideas in an environment where positive encouragement serves as the basis for our communication.

We provide an educational environment that promotes collaboration and synergy at all levels and share our resources, knowledge, and creativity for the betterment of the department, division, and the greater University environment.

Financial Accountability
We serve as financial stewards and base decisions on financial planning and projections from both an entrepreneurial and student development perspective.

We consistently search for new and exciting processes, methods, and ideas to positively impact the student experience at the University of Houston.

We recognize, reward, and celebrate the collective accomplishments of staff and volunteers, and perpetuate an environment that is engaging, enjoyable, and supports UH Pride.