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PI Portal

The PI Portal is a web-based application that pulls information from PeopleSoft Grants to allow principal investigators access to important information necessary to manage their awards. The portal is accessed by logging into AccessUH.

PI Portal Icon


Proposal Transmittal Routing

Located on the top left of the portal, this access allows PIs to create, approve, view and route transmittals to the appropriate University officials for the necessary approvals to submit a proposal.

For help with the transmittal module, download the PeopleSoft Grants Transmittal User Guide.

Proposal Award and Project Reports

Three reports, My Proposal, My Award and My Projects, have been added to the PeopleSoft Grants PI Work Center to allow Principal Investigators (PI) to view the status of their Proposals, Awards, and Project cost centers. The report links are located in the left column of the PI Work Center. PIs with faculty title/assignment can access the PI Work Center via the AccessUH PI Portal.

To learn more about the feature, download the PI Proposal and Award Reports Guide.

A feature that displays Technical Reports Due on the PI Work Center is now available. The report will allow Principal Investigators (PI) to view all outstanding technical reports due to the sponsor. The PI will be able to upload the report or evidence that the report was submitted to the sponsor, and route it to OCG for audit and tracking purposes. This is not a mechanism for submitting the reports to the sponsor. The feature simply allows The university to comply with monitoring requirement for audit purposes. To view the report, the PI must click on the Technical Report Due link located on the left under PI-Research Reports.

To learn more about the feature, download the PI Work Center - Technical Reports Due Guide.

The Cost Center Dashboard

Provides a list of both department and project award cost centers that the PI manages. The cost center displays the financial information posted to the PeopleSoft system general ledger. The screen displays live information posted as of the current date. Purchase card and travel card information not yet reconciled and posted to cost center, encumbrances other than payroll, and purchase requisitions not yet paid in the system will not be displayed. The PI must work with departmental staff to incorporate these encumbrances in the balance shown on the general ledger.

For detailed assistance with reviewing cost centers, download the Cost Center Dashboard Tip Sheet.

Equipment Search

The link for this search is located on the bottom left of the portal. This feature provides a searchable page which can identify all equipment purchased on grants that might be in use on an existing project or previously used on an expired award. If the equipment is not currently being used at full capacity by the awarded PI, researchers have the opportunity to share the equipment for use on pending or new projects.

To learn more about this feature, download the Find Equipment on Campus Guide.

On-Line Tracking System

The My Inbox in the PI portal displays new and pending tasks performed by the Office of Contracts and Grants on your behalf. The task is related to an award, proposal, or any function performed by the office related to your research. Each task can be opened to display the details about the steps involved in the task and the target time to completion. From the InBox, you can also create and submit a brand new requests for assistance and track the progress online to completion.

To learn more about this feature, download the OCG Functions guide or watch the video.

Contract/Agreement List and Review Tracking

The Office of Contracts and Grants (OCG) is the central repository for Monetary and Non-Monetary University Research Agreements. Principal Investigators (PIs) are now able to see a list of their current and pending agreements that OCG has assisted with the creation, review, and negotiation.

To learn more about this feature, download the Monetary and Non-Monetary Agreement Online Tracking Guide.