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ACO Animal Care Operations, a core facility of the Division of Research.
ACP Animal Care Protocol
ACUP Animal Care Use Program
AMI Advanced Manufacturing Institute
CACDS Center for Advanced Computing and Data Systems
CBA College Business Administrator
CCL Commerce Control List
CCME Center for Carbon Management in Energy
CFR Code of Federal Regulations
CRA College Research Administrator
CITI Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative, a human subjects research training program necessary for National Institutes of Health grant application, when applicable.
DAIT Data, Assessment and IT, an office of the Division of Research. 
DBA Division Business Administrator or Department Business Administrator
DOR Division of Research
DOC Indicates links to files that open as Microsoft Word documents.
EAR Export Administration Regulations
EHLS Environmental Health and Life Safety
F&A Facilities and Administration (e.g. IDC)
FICA Federal Insurance Contributions Act, usually referenced as it relates to the FICA tax on payroll.
GEAR Grants to Enhance and Advance Research, a competitive internal award.
HEAF Higher Education Assistance Fund
HPE DSI Hewlett Packard Enterprise Data Science Institute
HuRRI Hurricane Resilience Research Institute
HRI HEALTH Research Institute
IACUC Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
IBC Institutional Biosafety Committee
ICON Integrated Compliance Oversight Network, the IRB module for protocol submission
IDC Indirect Costs (e.g. F&A)
IPC Intellectual Property Committee
IO Institutional Official
IP Intellectual Property
IRB Institutional Review Board
ITAR International Traffic in Arms Regulations
MAPP Manual of Administrative Policies and Procedures
MTDC Modified Total Direct Cost
NCURA National Council of University Research Administrators
OCG Office of Contracts and Grants, an office of the Division of Research.
OFAC U.S. Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control
OGC Office of the General Counsel
OMB Office of Management and Budget
OTTI Office of Technology Transfer and Innovation, an office of the Division of Research.
PEAR Programs for Excellence in Applied Research, a training system used by the Division of Research, particularly for the RACP course.
PD Program Director
PDF Indicates links to files that open as Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat documents.
PI Principal Investigator
RA Research Administrator
RAMP Research Administration Management Portal
RIO Research Integrity and Oversight (RIO) Office
RSC Research and Scholarship Committee, an advisory committee to the Division of Research, that exists as a branch of the Faculty Senate.
SAM System Administrative Memoranda
SGP Small Grants Program, a competitive internal award.
TcSUH Texas Center for Superconductivity at UH
TIMES Texas Institute for Measurement, Evaluation, & Statistics
UH University of Houston
UHCL University of Houston – Clear Lake
UHD University of Houston – Downtown
UHS University of Houston System
UHV University of Houston – Victoria
XLS Indicates links to files that open as Microsoft Excel documents.